26 reasons to dress Adlib

26 reasons to dress Adlib

It’s here! Ibiza’s most glamorous week has arrived and this year with more enthusiasm than ever to celebrate the Adlib Fashion and its 45th anniversary! Why? Because we are the main sponsor, we adore this style which has a philosophy of its own. Even in hotels like Bossa Flow, every day our colleagues wear the designs of one of these brands: Vintage Ibiza.

Do you want more reasons?

“Something mystical”, “magical”, “full of success”, “with pride”, “innovative”, “special”, “a transformation”, “a true legend”, “filled with emotion”, “full of happiness”, “history”, “maturity”, “a journey to the past and the future” are some of the sensations highlighted by the designers of #PasarelaAdlib16 when asked how they would define this event that starts Thursday 9 June.

Whose designs would you like to wear?

On 10 June, ­ the designs that will parade down this white and fresh catwalk will be the most avant-garde:

  1. Beatrice San Francisco,has been in the Adlib fashion business for 12 years. Her secret for this year is the “warrior goddesses” concept based on creations in knit, lace, feathers and headdresses.
  2. A partner of Beatrice, both in her personal life and at work, is BSF Man Ibiza, a brand that is exclusively for men. It is the second year it models for Adlib with designs based on knit.
  3. Evitaloquepuedas represent the island’s “glammbeach”. Their fabulous silk dresses are a must in the beach-bags of all tourists. A variety of fabrics and finishes characterise the garments of this cheerful brand.
  4. Giampaolo Giardina has been known for the past 35 years for his elegant jewellery creations made ​​from essential materials.
  5. Ibiza Stones defines herself as a casual brand of vintage t-shirts. “Punk” and “grunge” are the concepts of this year; freedom, comfort and rebellion is what these personalised t-shirts convey.
  6. Jannine Helbling, this year her swimwear is a combination of retro and modern.
  7. Ivanna Mestres is a designer of limited editions and exclusive designs, handmade in Ibiza. She has advanced that this year her collection is based on “the legend of Mermaids” a duality between good and bad that all women have within. In the catwalk she will show elegant and very bright clothing.
  8. “To maintain traditions they need to be changed” is the slogan of the new collection of Ariadna Ferrer, whose brand, K de Kose Kose Priveé, of contemporary jewellery and accessories, has several designs ranging from the military to the Ibizan emprendada (traditional gold jewellery)
  9. Linnea Ibiza, beige, natural fibres and vintage influences have inspired the creations of the new season, where long skirts and transparencies stand out.
  10. Nanou Couture; her designer, Nadège Seguin, follows the culture of ecological and sustainable fashion of the island. She manufactures with organic cotton and natural dyes made ​​from plants of Ibiza itself, and admits that her clothes convey femininity and sensuality. What Nadège likes is to find harmony between colours, fabrics and the concept of the garment.
  11. Marisa Cela, famous for her “vibrant” style designed for day and night parties, her collection is based on easy to dress, agile, young and fun clothes. She affirms that her collection is based on a single concept: “Perfect Ibiza”.
  12. Rebeca Ramis, who is born in Ibiza, has always enjoyed creating and making clothes and accessories that reflect the turquoise colours of the water, the white colours of the beaches and the daylight of her beloved island.
  13. Tanit Jeans, a “hippie-chic” brand that models this year for the sixth time in Adlib and does so with a new project: a fusion between the great blue, inspired by the island’s sky and sea, and the authentic white of the Adlib catwalk.
  14. World Family Ibiza; a family with a hippie spirit, where everyone does their bit to accomplish an internationally inspired brand, ethnic details and a touch of modernity, always with handmade embroidery and seams.

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On 11 July the most classic and enshrined designers land on the catwalk:

  1. Tony Bonet, a 100% Ibizan brand that has modelled in Adlib for 18 years presenting wedding dresses. He reveals that his commitment is the same as always: craft, fashion and Ibizan manufacture of Adlib origin.
  2. Elisa Pomar is the creator of traditional Ibizan jewellery. Since 1850 her family has been devoted to developing typical and delicate Ibizan jewellery. What was once only worn by the payesas (peasant farmers) on Sundays is now a whole international landmark to be worn on any occasion. Elisa bases her creations on the tradition of the Ibizan emprendadas and she states that this year she has designed what she likes most, large and very extravagant gold jewellery.
  3. Vintage Ibiza, a fusion of styles, periods and tissues is what this year’s collection represents. Alberto Serra Ramírez and José Antonio Marí Schrode are the creators of this brand parading in Adlib for the second time.
  4. Charo Ruiz Ibiza will present a small analogy going through its different stages, starting with the future and ending in the past.
  5. Dira Moda Ibiza; its designer, Diana Vizcaíno, focuses on the colour white, the lightness of clothes, lace, tulle, … but this year the brand wants to break away from the traditional long dresses and make more combinable, modern and complemented outfits.
  6. This year, students of the Escola d ́Art D ́Eivissa have prepared a collection based on the exaltation of freedom and equality, inspiring themselves in the ‘70s with shirtdresses and tuxedos.
  7. Eva Cardona, with a simple style and straight-line designs, made ​​with raw materials that characterise this brand, which maintains its very essence but which is constantly changing.
  8. Isabel Castellar, who has spent a lifetime between seams and modelling, has participated in the Adlib fashion for 9 years. This year her collection is a small Dejavú, inspired by the latest attacks. Her clothes represent the contrast of the white, purity, tranquillity and delicacy of the island with all that more aggressive situation that exists outside.
  9. Luisa Tur Adlib has worked in the fashion world since she was a young girl. She admits that what she likes most is to create designs for women, garments that are light, vaporous and with flare.
  10. Piluca Bayarri uses 100% cotton materials, with transparent textures and her designs are sensual and attractive. This year, this designer’s catwalk will be a compilation of all the models and designs that she has created in the last 30 years.
  11. Antonia and Laly are two sisters who celebrate this year 20 years of Adlib fashion. They have had a very positive career with their brand Ibimoda, which has always been committed to garments made ​​in Ibiza. They are experts in wedding dresses.
  12. Virginia Vald, an Ibizan brand of Mediterranean inspiration, which presents for this season a very romantic collection in its second year on the catwalk.

Remember that the 45th anniversary of the Adlib catwalk awaits you on the 9, 10 and 11 June with these 26 Ibizan brands that will walk down the catwalk of the Recinto Ferial de Ibiza with their collections for summer 2017. How about attending dressed in one of them?

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