The best Ibiza gift

The best Ibiza gift

Today’s post is here to save you on your holidays. We’re not exaggerating. How many times have you turned a city upside-down in search of the perfect gift for your grandmum? How often have you spent every spare second trying to find just the right local pastry? We’ve got the solution for all that. A list of Ibiza’s most characteristic local products; the guaranteed home runs. From moody friends to finicky mothers-in-law, we’ve got something for everyone.

Flaò. This might be your first time reading this word. In which case, you’re probably wondering what we’re talking about. Flaò (flaón in Spanish) is Ibiza’s most distinctive product. Try it and you’ll see; this sweet dessert comes with a hint of savoury. The unique fusion of cheesecake and spearmint promises love at first sight. And why mince words? It’s the perfect little something to get the whole family and thus avoid tricky, individual gift-picking efforts.

Moda Adlib. Before becoming one of the island’s most well-loved —and punctiliously copied— exports, the movement of ivory-toned garments was just another Ibiza original. Their dresses are white wonders that will eventually draw you in. Don’t beat yourself up about it, but certainly don’t try and resist either; just make sure you get it in your suitcase before getting back on the plane. The house does more than just one look; they’ve got men’s shirts, babies’ wear and all kinds of meticulously crafted creations from expert designers. Whatever you decide, don’t forget the age-old buyers’ adage: Wear what you want, but wear it well.

Joyas Elisa Pomar

Joyas Elisa Pomar

Jewellery by Elisa Pomar. The perfect complement for any item of Adlib clothing, and, incidentally, for any non Adlib pieces as well. This designer, an island native, is fourth in a line of jewellers, and infuses the classic Ibiza style with stones and modern, genre-bending designs. Pomar has already won over celebrities and designers like Dolce & Gabbana, who have taken to using her pieces in runway shows the world over. Their port-side shop will be your spazzing site, and if there’s anything left over when the dust settles, why not pick something up for your best girlfriend, your mum or your bf? A true local treasure, you’ll want to keep your Pomar jewellery close. 

Hierbas ibicencas. This anisette liquor, sipped after meals, could just be the perfect thing for all the men unmoved by dresses and bracelets from Adlib. If you want to try it out first, you’ll find it in any bar on the island. Some call it the “Jägermeister” of Ibiza. A bit of local flavour for your suitcase!

Ibiza air and H2O. Weird-sounding? Perhaps. Real? Absolutely. On this (increasingly) big-budget island, pricetags have even been put on raw commodities. And it’s no wonder: Who wouldn’t want some of Ibiza’s fresh air or crystal blue water, anytime and anywhere? In due form, one Italian resident had the notion to bottle Ibiza’s finest transparent gas for resale, and a local family has done the same with local seawater. Two incredibly original products perfect for all the creative types. So they can take a tiny bit of paradise with them, everywhere they go.

Club merchandising. From your friend who dreams of a night at Supermartxé to the buddy who loves anything that’s emblazoned with Pacha’s famous cherry logo, everyone’s got a soft spot for the merchandise at Ibiza’s world-renowned discothèques. Nightlife means business here on the island, and ever since local clubs caught on, it’s been baseball hats, stickers, lighters and T-shirts out the wazoo. Whatever it takes so you remember all the fabulous nights and outstanding parties when you’re stuck back at home this winter.

Flea markets. With its captivating local history and reputation as an island of free spirits, Ibiza is perhaps not surprisingly home to some unbeatable hippy markets. A handful of them have become infamous: Las Dalias and the market (or mercadillo) at Es Canar are two of them, though, really, you won’t have any trouble finding little hippie stands on nearly any corner of the island. Between the flower headbands, multicolour bracelets and endless array of craft products, you will find (at the very least) a great little something for one of the mates.

Hippy Market

Hippy Market

Port-side souvenirs. Don’t panic. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, it’s not over yet. Ibiza’s interminable store of souvenir shops and boutiques at the port means your magic fix isn’t far. In summertime they stay open late, so you’ll enjoy losing yourself as you wander from door to door discovering all of it, from the improbable to the classical. No matter where you call home, these places have something for you.

These are all the suggestions we’ve got. But if time’s running out and you still haven’t managed to find a moment to steal away and pick up some flaò, a little bracelet or a bottle of liquor steeped in Ibizan herbs, fear not. There will always be airport shops to supply the never-fail refrigerator magnet or that immensely handy Duty Free post that’s saved us all at one point. The thing is, whether it’s a blooming gift or that wretched feeling she won’t like either of our choices, what’s truly important is that we enjoy every single minute of Ibiza, collecting memories without wondering about what will be of all the rest. Ultimately, that’s going to be the best gift to yourself: Now that you’ve experienced Ibiza, keep it in your hearts and heads forever.

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