Beaches that don’t let you leave

Beaches that don’t let you leave

It’s no news that the Ibiza coastline is home to some of the world’s greatest beaches and coves. Heavenly surroundings are our lucky lot. Besides, it’s always been our conviction that the white isle has got everything one could ever possibly require. Summer’s perennial waves of tourists notwithstanding, peace and tranquility can be found, if that’s what you’re searching for. The same also goes for the absolute best in nightlife, luxury spots for the smart set, scores of luscious fine dining options and an ever longer list of leisure activities. So we say, for more than one reason, Ibiza doesn’t let you leave.

In today’s post we’d like to tell you about some of Ibiza’s most prized beaches. But don’t get it twisted: When some people hear words like “prized” and “popular” they think overrated. We’d like to flip that around. Today we’ll look at beaches and coves that are renowned and consistently recommended by all sorts of Ibiza habitués, everyone from the arrive-on-Friday-out-by-Sunday crowd to the extended-stay types. Make sure these end up on your Ibiza to-do list.

Here it goes. A short list of places you’ll be loving long-time:

Platges de Comte. Take a look at the turquoise water. It’s enough to make a fan out of the most hardened beach Grinch. You’ll find three restaurants close by: Sunset Ashram, S’illa des bosc and Ses Roques. All three are perfect for fine dining with matchless views. As your day winds down, you might keep Cala Comte in mind as a popular sunset viewpoint, as we mentioned in our last post.

Cala Saladeta. There’s one thing we should get out of the way: Getting to Cala Saladeta can be tricky, but you’ll be handsomely rewarded for your efforts if you do try. Its golden sands and crystalline waters make this cove one of the island’s most appreciated. Seeing is believing. There are, for the adventurous types, some bluffs that provide cliff-jumping options.

Cala Salada. Foto: Ibiza Travel

Cala Salada. Foto: Ibiza Travel

Cala D’hort. The water at this cove —transparent and glass-like— is largely comparable to that of other spots on the island. What sets Cala D’hort apart is the absolutely unique feeling whilst you’re there that what you’re seeing is staged set. Of course, Es Vedra and Es Vedranell are the stars of the show, both of them darlings of Ibiza geography that figure heavily in local lore (which, if you’re interested, serves as the setting for the book, “El Codigo”). Further, Cala D’hort has got three delicious restaurants that do nicely for a bit of lunch or dinner: El Restaurante Cala D’hort, El Carmen and Es Boldado (ranked most reasonable to priciest). The sunsets at this corner of the island are an unbeatable way to crown a day exploring.

Cala d'Hort. Foto: Ibiza Travel

Cala d’Hort. Foto: Ibiza Travel

Ses Salines, a.k.a. “celebrity beach”. Why the moniker? Ses Salines has got some of the hottest spots to dine —el Jockey Club, Sa Trintxa and Malibu—, each with a stretch of beachfront paradise fitted with Bali beds, hammocks and parasols. Plus, Malibu is H.Q. for PR firm “El Labi”, whose big name clients include pro footballers, rock stars and idols of Spanish TV and film. “Las Salinas” in Castilian Spanish, is one of Ibiza’s biggest beaches and a destination for flocks of tourists, whose arrival fails to undercut the water’s crystal clarity.

Ses Salines. Foto: Malibu

Ses Salines. Foto: Malibu

Cala Bassa. One of Ibiza’s most charming beaches is marked by turquoise waters and smooth sand, but a key element is surely also the adjacent pine tree grove, which provides respite from the sun on the hottest days of summer. If that’s not enough, the cove is home to Cala Bassa Beach Club Ibiza, a restaurant dealing in great food and phenomenal vistas. It’s certainly no bargain, but does stand to be an experience you’ll not forget.

Cala bassa.Foto: CBBC

Cala bassa.Foto: CBBC

It’s important to remember, after we’ve visited and experienced these coves and beaches, sat and ate in their restaurants and watched as the sun crept from the sky, it’s time for a well-deserved rest. If we may, here’s a link to our hotels, just the place to recover strength and get ready to experience another of Ibiza’s draws, its nightlife!

Happy summer!

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