Ibiza and mystery are intertwined, and there’s good reason we say that. We often see spectacularly beautiful coves pictured in adverts on TV, on the web…in magazines, or gracing posters. And our question is always the same: where on earth are these pieces of paradise? So, we keep reading, and inevitably down in the fine print we learn that what we’re ogling is right here where we live: Ibiza, the white isle.

Isn’t it something? We assure you that this happens even to those of us who call the Pitiusa islands home.

When you finally manage to locate that seaside you saw, that secluded cove, you hop in your car and embark on a journey etched out approximately by google maps. Now is the time to leave the door open to mystery. The app tells you your destination isn’t even on dry land; it’s in the middle of the sea. You see no signs, and lose your way between homes and hillsides. Nevertheless, we Ibiza natives are stubborn; it could be hours before we give up looking for that perfect cove…

In today’s post we’d like to tell you about some of the mysteries the month of September holds for Ibiza’s visitors. Some are easier to see than others. The majority lie in mysterious northern Ibiza, though we’re sure you’ll love them. We’re also certain that you won’t stop until you’ve got that majestic turquoise wonder stretching out before you.

  1. Cala Xarraca. This cove, in the north, will leave you breathless. It’s the perfect spot to while away hours. You’ll notice the sea’s contrasting hues, created by the seaweed prairies beneath. The more intrepid visitor is sure to look about and see the opportunities for underwater diving; the more casual crowds will enjoy the rope swing that is the site’s trademark.
Autoría: Ibiza Travel

Autoría: Ibiza Travel

  1. Es Canaret. One of Ibiza’s most arresting landmarks is also one of the trickiest to pinpoint. Just think of it as a challenge! This large cove, adored for its crystal clear water and soft turquoise blues, is found near the preceding cove, also in the north. They say that everything comes at a price, so hang in there! Paradise awaits!
  2. Es Cucó. This landmark site, located in western Ibiza, is every bit a dream, including in how tricky it is to get there. There’s something charming about Es Cucó; the sea is allowed to be its own work of art. It’s the perfect place to come with a friend or alone.
Autoría: Ibiza Travel

Autoría: Ibiza Travel

  1. Es Portitxol. Another northern Ibiza cove steeped in magic. True, boat access is much easier than access by automobile, but we promise you one thing: you won’t regret it if you go in by foot. Es Portitxol has also got some fabulous vistas, and due to the fact that it’s little-known and usually deserted, they might continue to have some anonymity. The water there is transparent —like all Ibiza water everywhere, but we can’t help but repeat it— and surrounding areas include mountains, seaside fishing shacks and rock formations.
  2. Cala Pluma, a.k.a. “Little coves of Las Salines”. OK, OK, we get it. We’re stopping. We’re going to make this a little bit easier for you. These diminutive coves can be found at the end of Las Salinas beach. They are perfect. You feel like you’re far removed from the mass of people you’ve got right next to you. There are several small coves here, one after the other. The rock formations at these spots are one of a kind, with a multitude of textures, cuts and engravings. That’s where you’ll find people snapping photos. What about the sea? Crystalline. You knew that already though!

How do you feel? We imagine you must be thirsty for Ibiza by now, so we’d like to invite you along to some of the other corners on the island. Don’t forget: Playasol group has always got the best in overnight accommodations.

Happy summer!

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