Put a little Ibiza in your house

Put a little Ibiza in your house

Ibiza is a club tunes mecca, sure, but there’s a bit more to it than that. While it may be true that Mediterranean style starts with the Adlib clothing line, that’s certainly not all there is to it. In fact, the style is a state of mind. A lifestyle. The laid-back, fresh and rustic decors that define it pop up in myriad points across the island. On your next Ibiza getaway, pick up some of that typical Ibiza cheek. What follows are our top five must-haves in interior design and lifestyle on the island.

  • Sluiz is a classic when it comes to home accessories. Since arriving on the island, unique colour palette and eclecticism in tow, the company has made fast friends with our local state of mind. As you stroll down the store’s aisles you’ll find everything from clothing to trinkets, home furniture to interior design ornaments, throw rugs to cushions. The list, of course, goes on. They even host events and have got a restaurant with in-house specials, wines, live music and more. Plus they’ve got two locations –one just outside Santa Gertrudis and the other on the road to Sant Josep– to serve you better.
  • A wander around Santa Gertrudis proper is a sure-fire way to discover any number of vintage, hippie or otherwise stylish boutiques. One example is Es Cucons. At the heart of the island, this little jewel is tucked away in a typical Ibiza architecture house. They offer kitchenware, interior design accessories, jewellery and a premiere selection of clothing for men and women. A true discovery for all our treasure-hunters out there.


  • La Maison de l’Élephant: this decoration superstore, located on the Ibiza side of the Sant Josep highway, is anything but discreet. If you’re gunning for something extravagant, a one of a kind find or a showstopper, this is the place for you. Namby-pambies stay at home; La Maison has made a name for itself through strident colours and designs. The handpicked pieces they stock are especially chosen for their ability to light up whatever space they occupy. Start by imagining fuchsia-toned giraffe sculptures alongside not-exactly decorous picture frames, throw in armchairs stuffed with plush toys, add a few sumptuous rugs, commanding tables and gargantuan sofas…and you’ll begin to have an idea.
  • Magazin and Lotus Ibiza: These two stores, stationed on the road to Santa Eulalia, have struck the perfect balance of chic and rustic. Something about the combination —and the two teams’ Scandinavian touch— feels incredibly fresh. Noble materials predominate, as do modern designs. Both shops offer the possibility of leaping from cutting-edge furniture to tiny objets d’art. Don’t ask us how, but their sober style has us feeling optimistic and colourful.

  • Vivenda: we’ve got one word for this store located at 36, Ignacio Wallis…exclusive. The best brands and the leading avant-garde designers rendezvous here to the delight of the island’s bons vivants. Although you won’t find buddhas or anything too hippie, they make up for it in clean lines and cosmopolitan poise that will work just about anywhere.

If you’d been thinking Ibiza was humdrum, you were way off. There are countless spins on Mediterranean style and in this post we’ve done our best to touch on all of them, so you can find just what you’re looking for the next time you’re on Ibiza. We’re here waiting for you!

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