After overcoming the lockdown period, your much anticipated holidays are now fast approaching. We all want to enjoy and escape to somewhere that makes us feel pure happiness; and where better than the island of Ibiza to experience that truly special, magical vibe. Having said that, now more than ever, we all have plenty of questions about safety and protocols in this post-Covid era, and that’s normal. How do the measures affect the hotel’s facilities? What guidelines should I follow in the common areas? Am I going to have fewer services in the interest of security? Don’t be nervous! We’ll explain how my holidays will be in a hotel, in our StayCool programme which combines the most rigorous procedures issued by national and international health authorities. Let’s take a look.

how will my holidays be in a hotel

What does the Playasol StayCool Programme involve?

It’s a programme that includes the “Safe Tourism Certified”, endorsed by the ICTE (Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality), and incorporates all the measures recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Spanish Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs of the Balearic Islands. The StayCool programme strengthens our commitment and determination to ensure you have a safe holiday with minimum risks.

How does social distancing and capacity control affect the hotel?

We are ready to welcome you and one of the main measures is rearrangement and organisation of spaces to guarantee a safe minimum distance in our common areas. For both you and our team, the social distancing and safety regulation is at least 1.5m between family units and we’d recommend that there’s a maximum density of one person per 2.5m2.

How is the minimum social distance guaranteed?

We’ve designated a specific figure, our new Security Manager, who will undertake active surveillance to ensure not only compliance with the required social distance but also the rest of the compulsory measures. But don’t forget, many of the guidelines require your cooperation.

Should I wear a mask in the hotel?

It depends. A mask is not obligatory unless the minimal social distance cannot be guaranteed. However, you must use a mask in the dining room, the lift, and the luggage room.

Should I wear a mask in the common areas?

You don’t have to wear it outside in the pool area or Lounge Bar. However, remember that the mask should indeed be used whenever a social distance cannot be kept. Bear in mind that we have increased the distance between hammocks and chairs, and have incorporated signs that indicate the distance that must be kept.

Will there be crowds at the check-in desks?

No, our #DigitalWelcome service enables you to check in online, so the majority of the process is already complete once you arrive at the hotel. It’s our job to ensure the social distance, which is why we ask you to follow the floor signs to avoid potential crowding.

How does the hotel’s cleaning and disinfection work?

We have upped out cleaning and disinfection efforts in each and every area of the hotel including rooms, common areas, and staff working areas as well as our transport vehicles and objects used every day.

What about the cleaning of my room?

Your room will have been fully disinfected on your arrival. Our team undertakes an exhaustive disinfection of all furniture, items and textile, so you can rest easy. In addition, daily disinfection of the room has been increased, preventing cross contamination processes and using ozone generators.

Can I serve my own food at the Buffet restaurant?

No, it’s one of the most substantial changes to our gastronomy areas. Our buffets have changed and will now be assisted: we’re making the most of our show cooking so that you can choose from the many possibilities, but you will not come into direct contact with the food or the utensils unless there are individual dishes or single portions.

How does access to the Buffet Restaurant work?

To get to the dining rooms, you must wear a mask and there will always be a member of our team who tells you which table to occupy. All the items and furniture are disinfected in advance, which is why we ask that you comply with our team’s instructions.

How will the social distance be respected in the Buffet Restaurant?

We have extended the shifts plus we have rearranged the space in the dining rooms to prevent crowding and ensure the minimum social distance. Remember that masks are compulsory here due to safety matters.


Perhaps you have further questions—that’s understandable—however, we cannot disclose all the content of our Covid-19 safety and contingency plan. Likewise, questions about the new protocols during the trip have led us to implement extensive training for our whole team.

Contact us if you have any questions and remember that we open on 3 July!