We all know it and have had time to take it on board: this year, Ibiza’s clubs have temporarily shut down. However, life goes on and that festive vibe is still in the air. Ibiza gives you a variety of special and different places to have a drink this summer and enjoy the night life. Fancy a peek at our selection?

Tira Pallá – Dalt Vila

It really is a must: it’s great fun and has a local and picturesque ambiance with views of the walled city that will leave you breathless. The ideal spot to have a cocktail and enjoy the summer night breeze. In addition, this fabulous bar, an entire building that you must go up until you reach its roof, has a wonderful atmosphere filled with good vibes. It is open from 8pm to 2am, and has a classic cocktail menu where the patrons themselves claim: “Think of any classic cocktail and we’ll make it for you”.

Different places to have a drink this summer

Paradise Lost Ibiza – Dalt Vila

This picturesque bar in the heart of the walled city is undoubtedly a place to visit for some drinks in either its fantastical interior part or on its terrace. Does it get additional points for the ambiance and decoration? And if you get hungry, you can even try some nibbles from its finger food menu.

Different places to have a drink this summer

Elements Ibiza, a beach club par excellence.

It’s one of the longest standing beach clubs… in addition to being a spectacular spot the liveliest events outside the official party circuit happen – everyone knows that! And, listen up! To the surprise of many, it’s far from the exorbitant prices that this kind of place usually charges. That’s it, plus its location: our magnetic and magical Benirrás cove.

Different places to have a drink this summer


You absolutely have to go to one of Ibiza’s most stylish restaurants. However, beyond its gastronomy a highlight is just how fun it is to go for drinks in Roto: ambiance, music and entertainment! All that and stunning views of Dalt Vila from the sea.

Plaza del Parque

Without going into detail about the many bars in this square in Ibiza, this place is most definitely one of the epicenters of Ibiza’s social life, both for locals and visitors. In this small square, which practically borders the old city wall, you’ll find the meeting point for groups of friends from the afternoon onward. You simply must not miss out on it!