Romantic coves for couples

Depending on the time of the year, the island’s crystal clear waters are gradually filled with sunbathers and life. There are many well known beaches and coves, some even have to be closed in high season; others are gorgeous and…

Ibiza Marathon

Ibiza Marathon 2020 #RunandFeel

The 4th Santa Eulalia Ibiza Marathon is warming up and coming back for another year full of surprises. It will be held on 4 April 2020 and is aiming to become one of the island’s sporting events par excellence. Ready…


5 charming villages in Ibiza

Ibiza is an island known for its incredible beaches and its busy nightlife. But, beyond that, the white island shines in its own light during the less crowded months, with hundreds of magical spots to discover. The island’s inland area…


Ibiza in winter, a gem to be treasured

Ibiza hides many secrets and traveling to the white isle in low season can be a lot more rewarding that you might imagine. We all know that saying: Ibiza never sleeps. However, the island of parties, luxe and excess does…

Lugares "Instagrameables" Ibiza

The most “instagrammable” places in Ibiza

Ibiza – the magical island and ideal place to take the perfect photo. Anyone who knows the island knows that it is a paradise and that its many corners can turn a simple photograph into a work of art. People…