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All you are looking for in the ultimate Ibiza guide- What are the upcoming events in Ibiza? Clubbing, sport, musical, cultural events… Find whatever event you are looking for in our leisure events section

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Back to the past

Ever since Unesco declared Ibiza’s walled city (known as Dalt Vila in Catalan) as a World Heritage Site and included Ibiza in its World Heritage City’s list, in December 1999, Ibiza town’s city hall organizes a Medieval Fair to commemorate…


Simply the best!

Throughout our life we hopefully grow to be thankful to lots of people who help us grow or teach us valuable lessons throughout our life. However, there is someone who is always by our side, supporting us through better or…


Days are longer by the beach

Days are getting longer and warmer and we clearly cannot wait for summer and its endless nights. The moment you land in Ibiza, you realise have endless options of going beyond lounging on the beach all day –unless you are…


Figueretes: So close to everything

We already mentioned in a previous post how Ibiza is made up of a myriad faces, but to get to know it deeply is not an easy task. Ibiza Town is the capital city of the island of Ibiza and…