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6 Beaches in Ibiza to Enjoy With Your Kids

Discover new places with crystal clear waters, dive into the warm sea of the Mediterranean and enjoy an ice cold beer in a beach bar, the real Ibizan way. Without a doubt, it´s the perfect summer plan, but of course,

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The best plans for a special Holy Week in Ibiza

Spring is about to come and it starts with the Holy Week from next March 28th. In Ibiza you can feel it in the air, in the sun which is shinning for more hours, and in the garden’s smell that makes you

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The most incredible bars and beach clubs in Ibiza

The Ibiza beach club experience is one of the greatest memories somebody can take from their visit in the white island in wich every element involved plays an essential role in the sceene. To many, it is the first chill

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Guide to the best plans in San Antonio (Part II)

When someone hears “San Antonio” the word “fun” comes immediately to their mind since it has a perfect mix between entertainment  and beautiful locations. Every year you can find the traditional activities thay everybody wants to find plus other innovative options

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The best February 14th happens in Ibiza

The most romantic day of the most passionate month of the year is about to come. Lovers want to give their best to their unconditional partner and aim to surprise them once again. But don’t worry, with the following plans

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Ocean Beach Club: the perfect mix on Ibiza

There are those that come to Ibiza to relax. Stressed out by exams or work, they come in search of secluded coves and absolute silence so they can finally show all those would-be holiday-interruptors the wonder of the off button.

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