Ever since Unesco declared Ibiza’s walled city (known as Dalt Vila in Catalan) as a World Heritage Site and included Ibiza in its World Heritage City’s list, in December 1999, Ibiza town’s city hall organizes a Medieval Fair to commemorate this appointment.

During the second weekend of May, the old town of Ibiza is transformed into a medieval market where street sellers, aristocrats, fakirs, snake charmers or jugglers all live together in a festive mood.

The Upper Town of Ibiza is an excellent example of a fortified acropolis which preserves in an exceptional way in its walls and in its urban fabric successive imprints of the earliest Phoenicians settlements and the Arab and Catalan periods through to the Renaissance bastions. The long process of building the defensive walls has not destroyed the earlier phases or the street pattern, but has incorporated them in the ultimate phase. Walking around its cobbled street is certainly an experience one should not miss when visiting Ibiza.

The celebrations mostly revolve around issues related to the cultures that have shaped the essence of Ibiza: Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs and even current influences. For this occasion, the streets of Dalt Vila are decorated with fabrics and flags and reminiscent of medieval Eivissa and of past centuries. You will find all kinds of craft products belonging to the above-mentioned cultures as well as traditional Ibizan products of today.

Throughout the weekend, hundreds of thousands of people visit this fair, the markets and participate in the various entertainment shows and activities. The most prominent ones are: Medieval theatre and music concerts, falconry, archery, folklore performances, Arab dances and other cultural options. Music concerts are held at the several churches of Dalt Vila, providing them with an ancient flair.

And if you spot a kiosk that sells it, do not finish your visit without trying traditional chocolate bars. (You’re welcome!). Go back to the past and enjoy the indulgences of today!