Sure, Ibiza only gets an average of 10 days of rain per year, and summer stretches from May to October, with a delicious autumn that cosies up through December, followed by a skimpy springtime that germinates in March. But we’ve got a few pointers for anyone who decides to break from the pack and experience the other Ibiza.

The climate here is generally just right; the average yearly temperature hovers between 16 and 18 degrees. From May to October it’s a somewhat warmer 22 to 30 degrees, with the water clocking in at right about 25 degrees. Days are usually sunny, and, during months like this one, the close of the high-profile clubs actually marks the start of the island’s real time to shine, for there are plenty of restaurants and lounges that stick around for anyone interested in something besides Ibiza’s nightlife. It gets just a tad chilly when the sun goes down, so we do suggest bringing along a light jacket when you come.

But, what about when it rains? True, there are those who claim the island grinds to a halt on stormy days. Citing a lack of the malls so common in the metropolises, they maintain the island undergoes a kind of social blackout, but we couldn’t disagree more. We’d like to propose a few alternate plans.

Go shopping: Central locations like Vara de Rey (Ibiza’s answer to Plaza Mayor in Madrid) has got tons of shops, boutiques and magical spots which stay open year-round, ready to spoil you with a thousand and one delights. Santa Gertrudis is also a fabulous town to discover some truly adorable shops, and Santa Eulària, too, has got a wide array of options.

Grab a bite in a restaurant where you can take in the sight: Ibiza’s storms are a show unto themselves. The smell of the air, the colours of the sea, the fact the sky is suddenly and completely disfigured, all these factors give waterfront restaurants like Sa Calma (to pick one of many) a reason to stay open, and give us the unique opportunity to be part of a particularly photo-worthy moment.

Relax in a spa: There are several spots that stay open in winter and allow you to kick back and relax as you enjoy the soothing sound of the rain.

Go to the movies, or to a bowling alley: Ibiza’s got a number of cinemas, theatres and even a bowling alley where you can spend a special afternoon with friends.

Look for a spot on the island where it’s not raining: —Little known fact— on most occasions, when it’s raining in one town, the sun is usually shining in the next town over. That’s the way it works here. If it’s pouring out there, check your weather app and leave the clouds in the dust, Truman Show-style. You’re sure to find respite from the rain.

Visit a winery: How about checking out a “bodega” at one of Ibiza’s local vineyards and giving some of the island’s organic wines a taste?