Ibiza is an island known for its incredible beaches and its busy nightlife. But, beyond that, the white island shines in its own light during the less crowded months, with hundreds of magical spots to discover. The island’s inland area is especially beautiful; it’s full of typical white Ibizan villages, shops and culinary traditions.

Here is a list of our top 5 charming villages in Ibiza:

Santa Eulària

Santa Eulària is one of the areas of Ibiza known for being quiet and having a good reputation for food. Its beautiful landscapes and its incredible seaport really stand out. This town is named after Santa Eulària because this is where the only river on the island flows into the sea.

Its promenade starts at the Sailing Club and ends at the Mariners beach. Along it, you will find a great variety of restaurants, bars and open terraces where you can have a coffee or spend the afternoon. On the other hand, there is the Church of Santa Eulària, one of the municipality’s most important monuments located in Monte Puig de Missa. Next to it is the ethnographic museum, the Barrau museum and a small cemetery.

Santa Eulària also has the best hippie markets on the island: Las Dalias, located in the north of the island (km 12 via Ibiza- Santa Eulària), San Carlos, and Punta Arabí. These emerged more than 40 years ago, with the arrival of the first hippies, who began to set up the first stalls to attract the attention of tourists and sell their handicrafts.

  • San Juan

San Juan is a town that has managed to keep its identity intact and has not been impacted by the island’s mass tourism. This municipality has an endless number of natural, cultural and culinary treasures, which for some tourists provide a unique and relaxing experience that allows them to disconnect.

This quiet spot also gives you the opportunity to experience a bit of art and trade at the hippy flea markets. Every Sunday from 10:30am, the town square is bustling with many people who enjoy these areas of cultural exchange and contribution to art and work.

  • Santa Gertrudis

It is a town located in the centre of the island and is characterized mainly by its beautiful, interesting and unusual white houses that radiate light, good energy and a desire to contemplate them for hours. This municipality is perfect for a day trip, as you can discover all its intriguing spots, eat and have a couple of hot coffees to raise those winter temperatures, near the Plaza de la Iglesia. In this village, you will find a variety of establishments offering everything from high fashion to handicrafts and even auction houses. Don’t miss the tobacconist in front of Costa bar!

  • San Carlos

San Carlos is a small village located in the northeast of Ibiza, with beautiful houses surrounding the white church, typical of the island’s architecture. This municipality is much visited as it is on the way to other destinations, yet it still retains its idiosyncrasy of times gone by.

This municipality boasts of being the ideal place to live for its peacefulness and harmony. Its few places include Can N’Anneta, a bar that has evolved over the years and for which the passing of time has really done wonders. It is a tradition to visit this place and try its Ibizan herbs, an alcoholic drink typical of Ibiza, made with its own recipe.

  • Sant Josep

San Josep de Sa Talaia is located in the west of Ibiza, formed by small and curious urban areas such as Sant Francesc de S’Estany, Sant Jordi de Ses Salines, Es Cubelles, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Sant Agustí de Es Vedrá and Cala Bou.

It is Ibiza’s largest municipality in terms of land and, therefore, has a great variety of places of interest such as monuments, natural sites, beaches and coves considered some of the most beautiful on the island, including Ses Salinas, Cala D’Hort, Cala Compte and Cala Vedella.

Ses Salines, an urban area surrounding Sant Josep, has a Natural Park that offers a unique experience all year round. In summer, it is visited by tourists who enjoy its natural and refreshing waters; from the months of August to October you can watch the flamingos resting before embarking on a new trip. After that, winter comes and the park offers us landscapes, views, magical flora and much more…

In Ses Salines Natural Park you will find Es Cavallet, an extensive stretch of sand surrounded by dunes covered in juniper. This beach was important  and recognized as the first nudist beach in Ibiza as well as one of the most pioneering in the country. It is an authentic, magical and unspoilt area with white sand and turquoise waters.