Depending on the time of the year, the island’s crystal clear waters are gradually filled with sunbathers and life. There are many well known beaches and coves, some even have to be closed in high season; others are gorgeous and popular because of their party spirit. But are there any spots on the island where you can go for a swim and enjoy the peace and quiet of Ibiza? The answer is yes, we’d advise you 5 romantic coves for couples.


Es Portixol, a small remote fisherman’s cover where you’ll be amazed by the natural surroundings, crystal clear waters and tranquility. Getting to it is complicated, there is a cliff just before the entrance which means this beach is not overcrowded. An almost perfect beach although it does have a few drawbacks, such as the fact that you cannot have an ice-cold beer at a beach bar.

Romantic coves for couples


Es Canaret is a hidden yet paradisiacal cove. This small spot used to be private, only accessible via a house located on its shore. Not long ago a path was built so that everyone can enjoy this cove. It has turquoise waters with sandy and rocky seabeds, ideal for snorkelling. If you go at the weekend, our advice is to go early.

Romantic coves for couples


Es Calonet is a small and pretty cove situated right next to Cala Tarida. The shore is completely surrounded by fishermen’s huts. Ideal for watching the sunset with the islet of S’espartar in the background and letting yourself be captivated by Ibiza’s nature.

Calas románticas para ir en pareja


Although it’s not a small cove, the beach of Es Codolar is rarely frequented for swimming because of its large rocks (codols) and lack of amenities. However, it’s one of the few beaches in Ibiza where you can swim alone, even in August.

Romantic coves for couples


Punta Galera is another spot where you can feel peace on the island. Located near Cala Salada and San Antonio, it’s the place par excellence for nudists. Its rocks—which look like puff pastry—perhaps do not make the most comfortable place to lie down on your towel, but it is certainly a spot where you can feel the tranquility that all the bathers respect to the letter.

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