Famous throughout the world, Ibiza’s crystal clear waters are one of the main reasons that thousands of travellers flock to the island for their holidays. There’s no doubt about the endless things to do in Ibiza, and snorkelling is one the most popular sports and recreational activities among visitors and residents alike. Today we’re giving you a series of tips as well as hot locations where you can dive and marvel at the abundant sealife of Ibiza’s waters. Ready?

Features of Ibiza’s waters

The huge wealth of Ibiza and Formentera’s sealife is mainly down to the posidonia seagrass meadows covering the islands’ seabeds, which have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Anyone who goes snorkelling in Ibiza can enjoy over 400 species of aquatic plants and a thousand animal species such as octopuses, search urchins, rays, groupers, crabs, barracudas, starfish, turtles… The best time of the year to try snorkelling is the summer as the water is much warmer. Also, the temperature difference is vast: from 14 degrees in winter, the sea temperature increases to 29 degrees in summer. However, there are plenty of brave souls who practice this sport throughout the year.

Snorkelling in Ibiza waters

Where to snorkel in Ibiza

Any spot is perfect for plunging into Ibiza’s waters and there are even some coves and areas that stand out as favourite places to go snorkelling in Ibiza. Quieter and less busy, the north of the island has more rugged terrain and fewer sandy beaches. These features make its coves particularly captivating places for diving. S’Illot des Rencli, Punta Galera, Cala Xarraca hasta Pou des Lleò and Cala Mastella are the most popular spots for diving lovers. But there are also less frequented places such as Caló de s’Illa, Es Canaret, Portixol, Ses Baladres and Ses Caletes… all of which have an impressive backdrop but, be warned, access is complicated and involves walking to reach the shore.

Some tips for safe snorkelling

You don’t need much more than good goggles and a tube to practice snorkelling. Snorkeling fins are also recommended for more agility and you should always go with others. And, as you won’t be able to speak, it’s a good idea to agree on some gestures to indicate that you want to go up or down and say that you’re ok or, on the other hand, that you’re not. It’s very important not to swim against the current to avoid wasting energy that will be needed later to return to the shore. And you should always check the wind forecast to choose your destination and make sure the waters are calm.
Time to jump right in and enjoy snorkelling in Ibiza’s waters!
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