Formentera is one of those destinations that you just can’t miss out on. You simply have to stop there on your holidays this year. The island can be seen by car, bus, motorcycle or bike… but can I travel to Formentera with my car?. The answer is yes, but if you want to go from June onward, then it’s important to know that for years the Consell de Formentera has been restricting access to vehicles during high season with three aims:

* To preserve the island’s peace and quiet during this season.
* To keep the balance between tourism and the life of the residents on the island.
* To commit to more sustainable tourism in the island.

Can I travel to Formentera with my car?

This year, the restriction lasts from 15 June to 15 September 2022, the period when the population increases considerably and these restrictions are necessary.

You’ll probably have some questions, but don’t worry, we’ll try to answer them all for you.

Who is affected by these restrictions? How many vehicles can drive around?

All motor vehicles that access the island, drive and park on public roads. During this period, a maximum limit on the number of vehicles entering the island is set at 10,956.

Which vehicles aren’t allowed to drive around in Formentera?

Quad bikes, caravans and motor homes are not allowed. You should also know that if you want to go to Formentera in a rented car, many companies do not offer assistance on the island and prohibit you from driving it to Formentera. Here are some companies that are authorised.

How do I get a permit to enter the island with my vehicle?

All you have to do is request it on this website, Here you can register your vehicle.

Do I have to pay?

Yes, you have to pay a tax that ranges from €2.50 to €5 per day for tourists and €2.50 per day for motorbikes.

Why do I have to pay this tax?

To pay part of the expenses arising from the processing and controlling vehicle permits.

What happens if I’ve made my booking before the regulation comes into effect?

If you have booked accommodation or a trip by car to Formentera before the regulation comes into effect on 8 February 2022, you can enter the island even though the quota has been met.

Who is exempt from paying this tax?

The following categories of vehicle are exempt from paying this tax:
• E-cars or zero emissions vehicles
• Vehicles belonging to residents of the Balearic Islands
• Vehicles belonging people who own a second home in Formentera (1 vehicle per owner)
• Vehicles belonging to people with reduced mobility
• Vehicles intended for hire without a driver which are licensed to be driven
• Vehicles belonging to companies located in Formentera
• Commercial distribution company vehicles
• Official and public service vehicles
• Public-interest service vehicles
• Industrial vehicles
• Historic vehicles associated with classic vehicle clubs
• Vehicles intended for the private use of non-residents in Formentera who have an employment contract in Formentera. A discount will be applied for the term of the employment contact.

And if I am a resident, do I still have to request the permit?

Residents must request the permit for each vehicle they own, but they are not subject to the vehicle limit. Only in the case of vehicles that have a valid permit to park in the blue zone will it not be necessary to apply for it, as they will be included by default in the list of vehicles authorised to drive on the island.

We hope to have answered your questions and that you have a great time in Formentera. If you want to know more about how to travel from Ibiza to Formentera, you can read one of our blog entries.

Can I travel to Formentera with my car?

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Can I travel to Formentera with my car?

And lastly, remember to respect the environment of this paradise: use the recycling bins and treat its flora and fauna with respect.