Eating well for a reasonable price is possible in Ibiza. The island prides itself on its flourishing gastronomy, one of the attractions that its visitors rate the highest. That’s why, in this publication, we turn the spotlight on the municipality of San Antonio de Portmany, with its innumerable bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy the delights of Ibiza’s traditional cuisine and its local produce, both of which are rousing growing interest in the area. If you’re someone who is won over by good food and you want to eat well at a reasonable price, these are the best restaurants in San Antonio you shouldn’t miss out on during your visit. You’ll find out that it really is possible to eat well for a modest price in many restaurants in Ibiza, however out of the question it might appear to be.


We’ll start out with the menu at Es Gerret. This features dishes ranging from classic croquettes or patatas bravas (potatoes in garlic mayonnaise and spicy sauce) to fried pickled sea bass, panko-fried squid and even rice dishes served in small, almost individual-sized helpings so that you don’t lose out on tasting them. Everything is absolutely exquisite, with flavoursome top-quality dishes. This is one of those restaurants where it gets better and better with each dish you’re served, captivating you so much on that first visit that you become one of the regulars. A meal at Es Gerret costs about €25 per person, reminding us that, however complicated it is becoming, there are still places where you can eat very well at economical prices in Ibiza.

The best restaurants in San Antonio    The best restaurants in San Antonio


If you’re a burger fan, then this American-style bar is the place to go. You can eat your fill very inexpensively. It’s superbly located, just round the corner from the West End, where all the bars are. It’s not unusual to find long queues of people waiting to pick up their favourite burger, and it is this popularity that has made it such a well-known eatery for businesses in the area.

The best restaurants in San Antonio


You’ll feel totally at ease in this bar-café, with its warm, personal service. This is the perfect place to sip a delicious, aromatic coffee or a highly chilled, well-drawn beer accompanied by a tasty tapa. If you feel like eating something more solid, you can choose from among one of the special salads, a freshly made sandwich or roll, or a homemade burger.

The best restaurants in San Antonio


Café Bondi stands on the popular, bustling Ses Fonts promenade in the heart of San Antonio. Its menu, superbly designed to fit in with the vibrant atmosphere in the centre of San Antonio, comes with the added attraction of views of the harbour.

This is a restaurant you simply mustn’t miss, with a mouth-watering selection of Mediterranean and European cuisine that includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. This is one of the best places to recharge your batteries after a wild night out or to prepare yourself for a non-stop day. What’s more, if you’re a member of Club Vibra, you can benefit from exclusive discounts at Café Bondi.

The best restaurants in San Antonio


To get to the last of our recommended eateries, you’ll need to travel out of Sant Antonio’s city centre, but not out of the municipality because this building is on a crossroads, crowned by a sign bearing the name Can Tixedó Art Café.

The café, decorated with local artwork, simply oozes with charm. It offers a selection of straightforward tapas and individual helpings of food at very affordable prices. Everything is good and there’s no pretentiousness, making it the perfect place to have a bite to eat and to visit San Antoni’s surroundings, rubbing shoulders with the local regulars to the café.

You can also enjoy a pleasant evening at Can Tixedó Art Café, because, at dinner time, they light the grill and diners can choose from a selection of freshly grilled meat or fish dishes. What better way to round off this culinary tour of one of Ibiza’s most popular municipalities!

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