Ibiza, the most authentic and popular island among national international tourists. Ibiza never goes out of fashion and that’s because it has everything you could possibly need: beaches with crystal clear waters, history and plenty of entertainment… and even if you think you know the island well, there’s always a surprise around the corner: its history, its gastronomy and even its myths. Are you ready to discover the secrets of Ibiza? Here 10 fun facts about Ibiza:

1. Ibiza has more coast than Barcelona. It might look small but the island is 210 kilometres long while Barcelona only has 151 kilometres of coast.

10 fun facts about Ibiza

2. Ibiza has four World Heritage Sites: the walled town of Ibiza, the Phoenician site of Sa Caleta, the punic necropolis of Puig des Molins and the underwater Posidonia meadows.

10 fun facts about Ibiza

3. There are different myths about Es Vedra. The story goes that between the southwest of Mallorca, Ifach (Alicante) and Es Vedra (Ibiza), navigation systems suffer from failures and interferences just like in the Bermuda Triangle. It is even thought that it was the home of sirens from Greek mythology who lured sailors to their death with their voices. In addition to the myths, the islet of Es Vedra is considered to be the third most magnetic place in the world because of the minerals that interfere with the magnetic field.

10 fun facts about Ibiza

4. Ibiza is also known as the white isle because of the custom of whitewashing the houses with lime twice a year to protect their clay.

10 fun facts about Ibiza

5. Ibiza is famous for its salt. In fact, it used to be one of its most important industries. Salt is found in the natural park of Ses Salines, a natural landscape since 600 BC. It was one of Ibiza’s most highly prized items.

6. The movie More set entirely to the music of the English band Pink Floyd was set in Ibiza and furthered the island’s hippy reputation. Filming began in 1969, right when the hippy phenomenon was at its peak.

7. Ibiza’s population is around 142,000 residents and increases to more than 1.5 million during the summer because of the influx of tourists.

8. The typical liqueur of Ibiza and Formentera is “Hierbas Ibicencas”, an aniseed-flavoured liqueur, by Juan Mari Mayans. It’s a traditional drink that can be consumed by the glass or as a shot at the end of a meal.

9. Ibiza and Formentera are known as the “Pityuses”. This name comes from the Greek word “Pitys”, which means “forest of pine trees”. It is a type of shrub that once was abundant on both islands.

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