Imagine sinking your teeth into some absolutely mouthwatering tacos, accompanied by a freshly crafted, ice-cold cocktail, all while chilling with your crew or kicking back in a hammock poolside? Well, brace yourself, because that’s the unbeatable Tacosanto experience! We’ve struck gold, folks—finally, an authentic Mexican taquería right in the heart of Playa d’en Bossa, complete with a trendy poolside lounge. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

TacoSanto beckons you with its irresistible allure of authentic Mexican flavors. It’s a whimsical and slightly edgy space that caters to everyone, with prices that won’t break the bank. This joint has become the talk of the town, thanks to its partnership with Vibra Hotels, bringing you a meticulously curated blend of exquisite Mexican cuisine and top-notch vibes.

At TacoSanto, you´ll find. diverse range of tacos, nachos, and burritos that are sure to satisfy your cravings. For those interested in exploring different spirits, TacoSanto boasts an extensive selection of tequilas, mezcals, and cocktails. It’s a place where you can enjoy a relaxed dining experience and discover a variety of flavors in a warm and vibrant atmosphere.

Prepare your taste buds for a tantalizing journey through the vibrant tapestry of Mexican street food at Tacosanto. From succulent carnitas and the mouthwatering tinga chicken stewed with tomatoes and onions to the heavenly chorizo crumbles and melted cheese quesadillas, and the mind-blowing Huitlacoche and avocado wrapped in a warm, melted cheese-laden wheat tortilla, this place is a true paradise for food enthusiasts. Oh, and let’s not forget the delectable Flor de Calabaza paired with melted cheese—simply divine!

And if you’re craving some classic nachos, Tacosanto’s got you covered with their irresistible blend of melted cheese, chili-infused meat, pico de gallo, jalapeños, guacamole, and sour cream. For our cheese-loving amigos, we’ve got the Poblaqueso—a cheesy delight with a kick of roasted poblano peppers. But hey, we’ve got options for all the health-conscious folks and plant-based pals too, with fresh salads and vegetarian choices that will leave you wanting more.

Now, let’s talk libations. Tacosanto’s got a killer selection of thirst-quenching concoctions to complement your meal. From ice-cold Modelo beer and the delightful Malquerida to a curated lineup of handcrafted cocktails, featuring the finest tequilas, mezcals, and exotic flavors, your taste buds are in for a wild ride. And trust us, you don’t want to miss out on their authentic Jamaican and tamarind-infused natural waters.

But it’s not just the food and drinks that make Tacosanto a must-visit—it’s the vibrant atmosphere and thoughtfully designed spaces that will transport you to the heart of Mexico. Step onto their outdoor terrace adorned with a stunning mural by Aida Miró, a boundary-pushing Ibiza-born artist now making waves in the art scene of New York. The mural, part of her recent exhibition ‘Tribute to Woman & Diversity’ in the Bronx, featuring powerful portraits of women from the neighborhood, has become an Instagram hotspot—so strike a pose!

And if you’re seeking the center of all the action, head inside to the lively dining area with its communal tables, where friends and strangers alike come together, fueled by the contagious energy that surrounds authentic Mexican cuisine. Venture further inside, and you’ll also discover two alluring rooms, illuminated by enchanting neon lights that breathe life into yet another mesmerizing mural by the talented artist, Curro González.

As if all this weren’t enough, Tacosanto takes it up a notch with its exclusive poolside lounge. Indulge in the tantalizing flavors of their dishes, and let the vibrant colors of Mexico wash over you while lounging by the pool, cocktail in hand.

Various playful quotes dot the interior of the Taquería, enhancing the overall Tacosanto atmosphere of this hip and trendy spot.

Para todo mal mezcal, para todo bien también  

Barriga llena, corazón contento  

Pinches tacos chingones  

No hay fiesta sin tacos  

Un taquito y luego me como el mundo 


Don’t miss out on this exciting new dining experience that brings you the delightful flavors of Mexico— we highly recommended it! The restaurant is open until October, offering continuous service from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

For reservations, call 628 41 26 60.

For more information: Website:

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